January 10, 2020

march 2020 events

StacyPlays Signing Event!

Saturday, March 7th  – 4 pm

Little Shop of Stories is thrilled to welcome StacyPlays to Decatur! She is on tour for her newest book, Wild Rescuers: Expedition on the Tundra. Learn more about the book below! Please read the following event details carefully so that you know what to expect. This is a signing event ONLY. There will NOT be a presentation or reading.

1. In order to enter the signing line, you must purchase a StacyPlays Signing Ticket. Each ticket comes with a copy of Wild Rescuers: Expedition on the Tundra to be signed at the event. This ticket will allow a family into the signing line, but if you need more than one copy of Wild Rescuers: Expedition on the Tundra, you will need to purchase more than one ticket!

Tickets can be purchased here.

2. StacyPlays WILL sign other books as well! She will sign books brought from home as well as books purchased that day. We will have the other WILD RESCUERS books for sale at the shop (while supplies last)!

3. Photos with StacyPlays are permitted!

Please note that this signing will be taking place in our upstairs loft space. Our building is very old, and we do not have an elevator. If you are unable to use stairs, please send us a message, and we will coordinate a signing plan for you!

More about Wild Rescuers: Expedition on the Tundra:

A New York Times bestselling series!

From StacyPlays, the YouTube sensation with over 2 million subscribers, comes the exhilarating third book in her Minecraft-inspired adventure series about a girl raised by wolves.

Stacy always knew that the intelligent, playful wolves who raised her weren’t like other animals. Normal wolf packs don’t spend their time rescuing animals and caring for an orphaned girl. But lately, Stacy’s wolves have revealed to her just how special they are—supernaturally special.

The wolves each have their own unique ability: they can breathe underwater, run at impossible speeds, heal wounds, and more. They’re extraordinary—but how did they get that way?

Determined to uncover the truth, Stacy leads the pack north. But the harsh tundra biome pushes the pack to its limits. Can they survive long enough to discover the truth? And is Stacy prepared for what the truth actually is?

Fans of Minecraft: The Crash and PopularMMOs Presents: A Hole New World will love this illustrated, action-packed series!

Do you Have What it Takes to Be a HUMAN Crash-Test Dummy?! An Atlanta Science Festival Event

Sunday, March 8th  – 2 pm

Cars take us to work. To school. Can you imagine a world without them? It’s not easy! And who do we have to thank for helping to make our cars safe? A crash-test dummy! Come join us for FUN and interactive trip through the history of car safety engineering and find out if YOU have what it takes to become a HUMAN crash-test dummy!

Presented by: Peachtree Publishers, Jennifer Swanson Books, Little Shop of Stories

Cassandra Clare Author Event!

Wednesday, March 11th  – 7 pm  – at Presser Hall on the campus of Agnes Scott College


All Eyes on Amphibians! An Atlanta Science Festival Event

Saturday, March 14th  – 12 pm

Head over to Little Shop of Stories to hear some of our favorite stories about amphibians, followed by an amphibian art amusement. We’ll be using our scientific observation skills and live drawing some of our favorite amphibians! We will even meet some of the friendliest frogs in the world!

Presented by: Amphibian Foundation and Little Shop of Stories