February 16, 2017

poetry & wine

Poetry & Wine (grown ups): Read the poems. Come and discuss. We are a very non-pretentious group of poetry enthusiasts who gather once each month. This is an open group. There is no need to sign-up ahead of time. Just read the selection and show up. Bring a bottle of wine (or bourbon or whatever), or a dessert of some sort to share if you wish. Folks read their favorite poems and we have truly interesting and wonderful discussions. Send a note to Dave at dave@littleshopofstories.com if you would like more information or to get on the email list!

PLEASE NOTE: We’re taking October off.

We’re meeting next on Wednesday, November 13th at 7 pm.

We’ll be discussing The Café of Unintelligible Desire by Julia Knowlton.
Reasons for coming to Poetry & Win in November:
1.  This is a chapbook (a short collection);
2.  What a terrific title!
3.  It is available at Little Shop. As always, book group selections are 15% off;

4. Ms. Knowlton, a professor of French at Agnes Scott College, will be joining us that evening.

From the publisher (which includes the word “ekphrastic”! which is yet another reason to attend):

Julia Caroline Knowlton’s The Café of Unintelligible Desire is a collection of impressionistic poems largely set in Paris. But her sense of place is the landscape of relationships: the layers beneath our wish for happiness. She speaks to us with delicate, yet precise words of ever-shifting moments: intimacy and grief revealed and dissolved—our tenuous inner worlds. She writes: Everything is maybe in the cafe/ of unintelligible desire.

In her ekphrastic poem, “La Femme de Bonnard,” we revisit one of Bonnards’ many canvases of his wife Marthe bathing and Julia includes us in a new conversation: Bonnard speaks with his painting, but this time—through Julia’s words—perhaps we hear more from Marthe.

Artist Mary Shea’s “Bonnard Terrace at Vernon Study” is featured on the front cover. You’ll want to explore the poetry and images that lie within.