April 26, 2016

who we are

Diane, Bookseller and Co-Owner

I think there’s a lot about this world that we don’t understand, like the afterlife or how bread becomes toast.

11193320_10153271613082154_4817671744360785853_nDave, Bookseller and Co-Owner

Along with Diane, Dave is a co-founder and co-owner of Little Shop. Whereas Diane kind of runs the bookstore side of the bookstore, Dave kind of runs the business side of the business. He pays the rent. He pays the publishers. He pays the employees. He pays the utilities. He pays the taxes. He pays and pays. Want to help Dave? Come in to Little Shop and buy a book!

Diane G(the other) Diane, Bookseller

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”
A.A. Milne

Diane hails from Barnesville, Georgia. She enjoys playing gin and can tell you how to get to Sesame Street. Diane lived on the island of Sodor but became bored with retirement. So she came to work at Little Shop. We’re so happy she did!

Hannah, Bookseller, Donations Coordinator, and Little Shop Players Director

Oh, what a sweet child is Hannah Hyde,
Oh, how thoughtful, oh, how nice,
To buy a hat with a brim so wide,
It gives shade to the frogs
And the worms and the mice.

Sadly, Shel Silverstein did NOT write this poem about her. She thinks. You never know. Whatever the origin of this poem, Hannah will forever lay claim to it anyway. It’s why she bought a wide-brimmed hat once! When not identifying with characters in books, Hannah can often be found solving crimes with Miss Marple, joining in the Arab Spring, nursing an unhealthy obsession with James Dean, and being part of the singles table at wedding receptions. Okay, fine; she’s an actress who just plays those parts onstage. Speaking of the stage, Hannah also heads up our very own Little Shop Players! And, yes, she would love to talk to you about how your child can get involved.

Heather, Bookseller and School Coordinator Person

A perennial favorite among Little Shop customers (sheep and deer really like her as well), Heather really blooms in late summer. Paul McCartney wrote a song about her!

I`m gonna fly to the moon
Check in outta space
Find me a suitable plot
Build myself a place
There I will stay
For a year and a day
Until the cares of my life blow away
And I will dance to a runcible tune
With the queen of my heart

12920355_10154041028357154_2515926992783842034_nJason, Bookseller and Facilities Manager

One evening Jason attended a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials sponsored by the General Techtronics Corporation. During the demonstration, a small Common House Spider happened to be in the path of a particle accelerator’s beam and was massively irradiated. The stricken spider fell on to Jason’s hand, broke his skin with its fangs, and died. It is to be noted that Jason gained no special powers from the irradiated spider bite, it was just an interesting story.

11947421_10153575285277154_701439397488864672_nJustin, Bookseller and Store Manager

Does not like green eggs and ham, Sam-I-Am. Not in a box, not with a fox, not in a house, not with a mouse. He would not eat them here or there, he would not eat them anywhere. Justin Colussy-Estes would categorically not eat green eggs an ham, Sam-I-Am. They’re probably filled with dye, or are riddled with salmonella, or something. Justin eats a salad if he wants something green, thank you.

Karen, Bookseller and Non-Author Event Coordinator

Karen comes to us from Oxford, Mississippi where she worked at Square Books. She worked in another bookstore before that and another bookstore before that and, I believe, yet another bookstore before that. This time she got it right!

Madison, Bookseller and Author Event Coordinator

Madison prefers living in imaginary worlds. Whether reading a book, teaching molecular biology, or doing improv, she thinks it’s more fun to explore environments that you can’t actually see. Growing up in Decatur, Madison kept being told that it was okay to be herself, even if that self was pretty weird. Through her time at Westchester, Renfroe, and Decatur High School, she developed two strong passions: science and theatre. At Davidson College, she continued to explore both of those passions, and from 2012 to 2016 she was a science teacher at Decatur High School (while teaching a lil’ improv on the side). Now she has switched from science full-time to more of an emphasis on theatre, performing and writing and improvising her way around town. She is excited to be at Little Shop of Stories so that she can help build bigger, weirder, more magical imaginary worlds for other people through BOOKS!

MarcyMarcy, Bookseller

Marcy hails from a rural area near Keene, New York. Later she lived in Brooklyn where Jay-Z was her neighbor! Marcy is pictured here standing next to her own creation, a phantom tollbooth. (She did not create Norton Juster.)

Rachel, Bookseller

Sometimes I forget the order of the alphabet but at least I text using full words. however, I’m totally qualified for working in a bookstore because I love reading fiction and nonfiction.

My favorite fiction novel is The Weight of a Piano by Chris Cander. Being someone who has always liked music, but never had an interest in playing it, I found a great connection with the character Clara, whose prized possession was a piano she couldn’t play. Because of the piano, her life becomes intertwined with someone from the piano’s past, from whom Clara is determined to keep her piano safe. If you’ve ever wondered what a book with an inanimate object as the main character is like, this is what it’s like and let me tell you: IT IS FABULOUS!

My favorite nonfiction book has to be Becoming by Michele Obama. I loved every word of her autobiography and it made me love the Obama family more than I already did. I recommend this book for anyone who is curious about what living in the political spotlight might be, loves reading autobiographies, or is just looking for their next read. It’s hard not to love Michelle’s bluntness about her thoughts and emotions as she looks back on her life and everything that led up to becoming Michelle Obama.

Sunny, Bookseller and Bookfair Coordinator

When not pinned under a giant avalanche of boxes at the Book Fair Operations Center or barrelling down The Connector in The Little Bus of Stories delivering books to all of the good boys and girls at their book fairs, Sunny┬ácan be found singing whatever song happens to be trapped in her brain at the moment and snuggling with her pride and joy, Hiroyuki, one incredible dog and best friend. Sunny loves to read: picture books (all of them), true crime stories, magical realism but NOT fantasy, anything to do with religious cults or extremists, and gut wrenching star-crossed lover stories. She occasionally dips her toe into sad but true middle grade, but only when she is feeling particularly vulnerable. Sunny’s favorite things at Little Shop incude: meeting world famous children’s book author and illustrator heroes, community reading with On The Same Page, running Goody for Girls camp, and hanging out with people who love reading just as much as she does.