August 19, 2020

Early Chapter Books

Browse this selection of books for confident new readers tackling chapter books on their own! Just click the cover with a direct link to our website for more information and easy online ordering. Please note that books that are not yet published are marked with release dates.

My Weirder-est School #7: Ms. Jo-Jo Is a Yo-Yo! Ms. Jo-Jo is a Yo-Yo! By Dan Gutman 

Home Is Where the Heart Is (Good Dog #1) Cover Image Good Dog #1: Home is Where the Heart Is by Cam Higgins illustrated by Ariel Landy 

The Case of the Missing Cheetah (Secret Spy Society)Secret Spy Society: Case of the Missing Cheetah by Veronica Mang RELEASES MARCH 23 

Heat of the Lava Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #18) (18) Dragon Masters #18: Heat of the Lava Dragon by Tracey West 

Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up! A Branches Book (Press Start! #2) Cover Image Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up by Thomas Flintham 

Journey to the Moon #1 (Astronaut Girl #1) Cover ImageAstronaut Girl #1: Journey to the Moon by Cathy Hapka and Ellen Vandenberg 

Lily to the Rescue: Lost Little Leopard (Lily to the Rescue!, 5) Lily to the Rescue: Lost Little Leopard by W. Bruce Cameron 

A Magic Spark: An Acorn Book (Fairylight Friends #1) Cover Image Fairylight Friends #1: A Magic Spark by Jessica Young 

Monster and Boy (Monster and Boy, 1)Monster and Boy by Hannah Barnaby 

The First Wish (Jeanie & Genie #1) Cover Image Jeanie & Genie #1: The First Wish by Trish Granted illustrated by Manuela López

Knight of the Cape (1) (Definitely Dominguita) Definitely Dominguita: Knight of the Cape by Terry Catasús illustrated by Fatima Anaya 

Twilight, Say Cheese! (Unicorn University Book 1) by [Daisy Sunshine, Monique Dong] Unicorn University #1: Twilight, Say Cheese!  By Daisy Sunshine illustrated by Monique Dong 

 Indian Shoes by Cynthia Leitich Smith 

13th Street #4: The Shocking Shark Showdown (HarperChapters) Cover Image 13th Street: The Shocking Shark Showdown by David Bowles 

Sparkleton #3: The Mini Mistake (HarperChapters) Cover Image Sparkleton: The Mini Mistake by Calliope Glass

Twig and Turtle 1: Big Move to a Tiny House Cover ImageTwig and Turtle #1: Big Move to a Tiny House by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Trouble at Table 5 #2: Busted by Breakfast (HarperChapters) Cover Image Trouble at Table 5: Busted by Breakfast by Tom Watson 

Dave the Unicorn: Welcome to Unicorn School Cover Image Dave the Unicorn by Pip Bird 

Welcome to Wagmire (7) (Itty Bitty Princess Kitty)Itty Bitty Princess Kitty #7: Welcome to Wagmire by Melody Mews illustrated by Ellen Stubbings 

Hotdog! #1 Cover Image Hot Dog! by Anh Do 

The Alien Next Door 5: Baseball Blues Cover Image The Alien Next Door: Baseball Blues by A.I. Newton 

Mr. Summerling's Secret Code #1 (The Treasure Troop #1) Cover Image The Treasure Troop #1: Mr. Summerling’s Secret Code by Dori Hillestad Butler 

S.O.S.: Society of Substitutes #1: The Great Escape (HarperChapters) Cover ImageS.O.S.Society of Substitutes #1: The Great Escape by Alan Katz 

Royal Rescues #1: The Naughty Kitten Cover Image Royal Rescues: The Naughty Kitten by Paula Harrison 

Eva at the Beach: A Branches Book (Owl Diaries #14) Cover Image Owl Diaries #14: Eva at the Beach by Rebecca Elliott 

The Magnificent Makers #1: How to Test a Friendship Cover Image The Magnificent Makers #1: How to Test a Friendship by Theanne Griffith 

The Golden Temple: A Branches Book (The Last Firehawk #9) Cover Image The Last Firehawk: The Golden Temple by Katrina Charman

Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables: A Branches Book (The Notebook of Doom #4) Cover Image The Notebook of Doom: Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables by Troy Cummings  

Fast-Forward to the Future: A Branches Book (Time Jumpers #3) Cover Image Time Jumpers: Fast-Forward to the Future by Wendy Mass

Beware the Werewolf (Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol #12) Cover ImageDesmond Cole Ghost Patrol: Beware the Werewolf by Andres Miedoso