February 16, 2017

poetry & wine

Poetry & Wine (grown ups): Read the poems. Come and discuss. We are a very non-pretentious group of poetry enthusiasts who gather once each month. This is an open group. There is no need to sign-up ahead of time. Just read the selection and show up. Bring a bottle of wine (or bourbon or whatever), or a dessert of some sort to share if you wish. Folks read their favorite poems and we have truly interesting and wonderful discussions. Send a note to Dave at dave@littleshopofstories.com if you would like more information or to get on the email list!

We’re meeting next on Wednesday, March 27th, at 7 pm.

We will be discussing A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Mr. Ferlinghetti co-founded San Francisco’s famed City Lights Booksellers and Publishers in 1953. He was an early proponent of beat generation poets, having published Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and Other Poems (for which Ferlinghetti was prosecuted under charges of obscenity).
He became a famous poet himself, though he did not consider himself to be a beat poet.
Ferlinghetti was born on March 24, 1919. Not only will we be celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth, he’ll be around to celebrate his 100th birthday! Go, Lawrence!
If you’re in San Francisco next month, there’s all kinds of celebratory events going on.
Doubleday is publishing his latest work, Little Boy: A Novel, on March 19th. 
“Little Boy may start off sounding like a conventional memoir, but before long, Ferlinghetti reclaims his beat soul, quickens the pace, dropping punctuation like a used-up booster rocket, and off we go on the last wild, motor-mouth, book-length riff of this poet’s generation. All finger-popping readers will be gleefully swept up in this hip word-flood, this spontaneous stream—no, make that torrent of consciousness. Bravo, maestro!”
—Billy Collins